Balos Lagoon - Crete, Greece

Trail Distance: 1km each way
Terrain Rating: Easy
Navigation: Very Easy

Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen. With a windy drive and a 1km hike down, it feels like a hidden escape

Balos Beach

The drive to Balos beach is not the worst but it’s also not the most fun. It’s windy and I don’t trust a lot of tourist drivers. We made it a fun car trip though with music and photo opps with goats. The drive itself is beautiful for sure, but I would be terrified to drive this in bad weather!

Once you get to the parking spot, getting to Balos Lagoon is fairly straight forward. There are a set of stairs going down into the lagoon. You can ride a horse down for a few Euros but we opted for the walking version.

When we arrived, we put our things down and spent time relaxing and splashing in the water. Like the rest of the Greece, the water is SUPER warm! Balos Lagoon is a must visit in Greece. It feels like a secret escape!

Balos Lagoon

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