Corona Arch - Moab, UT

Corona Arch

Trail Distance: 3 miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Terrain Rating: Easy
Hike Time: 1.5 hours
Watch out for: extreme heat, mosquitos at dusk

Trailhead: a few miles northwest of Moab here.

Corona Arch is a lesser known arch to visitors in Moab, but it's well known among locals. The arch itself is not located inside either of the national parks, so it's not as publicized. In terms of beauty, I think it competes with the famous Delicate Arch! But if you go around sunset to Corona Arch like we did, it's likely you'll be there by yourself. At Delicate Arch, you'll be shoulder to shoulder with 200 of your closest friends.

The hike to Corona Arch starts out relatively easy, crossing an active railroad track. Soon you'll be walking over rocks using cairns as your guide. Once you take a left, you'll see a giant area with hundreds of cairns stacked. From there, you'll see chains that help you go up and then a ladder for the final ascent. Corona Arch will be staring right at ya! We sat on a nice rock further away from the arch while watching the sunset. It was really beautiful and we were one of two couples there for the entire night. On the way back, we experienced some mosquitos but we ran most of it and 'only' came out with 9 bites. Next time we will bring bug spray!