Gear Review: Survival Hax Tactical LED Flashlight

Survival Hax' Tactical LED Flashlight has been incredibly useful and one of my most used items for overnight trips. I've been in New Zealand for a few days now on a 6 week hiking, diving, and general exploration trip. I've used this flashlight so many times and would recommend it.

The Gist
The flashlight uses rechargeable batteries, is super durable (waterproof!), illuminates over 300 yards, and has 5 different zoom in/mode + lighting modes.

On one of our first nights here, we stayed in a small campground area/"glamping." It was really dark at night and the Survival Hax Flashlight was perfect for lighting up our entire area without waking our neighbors up. I could focus the flashlight only on our tiny house. When I car camped and weight as not as issue, it was super easy for me to bring this small yet powerful flashlight. It lights up your entire campground area with ease. 

I dropped the flashlight many times while being clumsy, and it's still held up great. Although it's a little on the heavier side compared to your standard backpacking gear, I think the ruggedness and power of this light is worth the extra few ounces.

We've taken this flashlight with us on hikes as well, including a hike to Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri. We were closing in on dusk so I was happy to have this flashlight in case it became fully dark.  

Where to Get It
At $39.99, this flashlight is a great essential for hikers and campers alike. Learn more about the Survival Hax Tactical LED Flashlight here.

*Collaboration with Survival Hax