Kvalvika Beach - Lofoten Islands, Norway

Trail Distance: 2.5mi
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Terrain Rating: Moderate
Mud Scale: 6 out of 10
Hike In: 10:25AM
Hike Out: 12:49PM

Trailhead: Follow E10 to Fredvang. After crossing a bridge, continue left to Fredvang. In about 1.5 miles, you will see a parking lot on your left and a sign post on your right for "Kvalvika Beach." The parking lot was extremely full in August. The trailhead is just across the road from the lot.

We were told that Kvalvika Beach is a beautiful beach hike in Lofoten. It was a really nice afternoon stroll! The beginning of the hike is really muddy, but luckily you have some planks to help you out. After you finish a small ascent of a few hundred yards, you will begin the descent down to the beach. This section was pretty tricky because it was so muddy and rocky. We saw a few folks who were unprepared and struggled with the descent. "Is it like this all the way down?", I was asked. Yes. Overall the hike was well worth it. We had a relaxing lunch on the beach. I ran into the water about waist deep. We saw some sheep on the trail. I needed about 1L of water for the entire hike. It gets quite busy in the summer, so if you get into an accident, help is close!