Lonesome Lake Hut

What: Lonesome Lake Hut is a beautiful Appalachian Mountain Club hut located in Franconia Notch. There is a main dining room filled with games, and several bunk cabins (not-heated). No dogs allowed unfortunately.

Where: The hut, aptly named, is located around a pristine lake. From the Lafayette Campground parking lot, follow the signs to Lonesome Lake Hut. The hike up is about 1.6 miles with mild elevation gain.

When: Full service is from June to Mid-October. Lights out at 11PM. 

To do: There is lots to do from Lonesome Lake Hut. You can take a 3 mile hike around the hike, look for moose around Lonesome Lake, peakbag Cannon Mountain, North and South Kinsman.

The Staff: I really enjoyed my time at Lonesome Lake because the hut staff was incredible!! It's a really fun team in their early-mid 20's. They're very responsible and friendly. Our dinner and breakfast meals were pretty good and consisted of good options for vegetarians, gluten-free campers, and picky eaters alike. 

What to Pack: In mid-October, it was freezing at night. I wore 3 layers of pants (Patagonia Capilene 2, yoga pants, and sweatpants), 4 layers up top (baselayer, tshirt, fleece, and windbreaker), a beanie, wool socks, and I was still cold. Other than clothing, you'll need a sleeping bag and toiletries. They have board games inside the main dining room, but you can bring your own too if you'd like.