Housing Recommendations for the White Mountains

For those living in Boston, day trips to the White Mountains can be exhausting. If you had a gathering with friends late Friday night and want to do a Saturday hike, it means getting up at 5AM on only a couple hours of sleep. I've started to do fewer day hikes and have turned them into longer weekend adventures.

Finding good housing is key to a good weekend trip. If I'm not camping, I like to be comfortable, be able to cook, and not pay a lot of money.

Home Away

This Lakefront Chalet in the White Mountains is a fantastic deal at $150/night but has limited availability. 


Another good option is The Lodge at Lincoln Station near Loon. They have cheap rooms for around $100/night and the mountains are right at your doorstep.


If you're looking to accommodate a large group to BBQ and hang out after hiking, Anchorage at the Lake in Tilton, NH is cheap and quite frankly a fantastic deal considering you can canoe, kayak, play volleyball by the beach, and grill. It's also dog friendly.