Quinault Rain Forest Loop - Olympic National Forest

The Quinault Rain Forest Loop is a 31 mile drive in the Quinault area of Olympic National Forest. There are many stops along the way for sightseeing, short hikes, and even lunch! You can see the official brochure here. The Quinault Valley receives ~12 feet of rain per year, making it home to luscious green trees in a temperate rain forest. 

We started off our day at the Rain Forest Nature Trail, a 0.5 mile loop in the Quinault Valley. This small loop is perfect for kids as the terrain is very flat. There are also interpretive signs along the way for light reading. This trail was a great choice for a gentle introduction into the rain forest. And yes, it was slightly drizzling! Afterwards, we stopped at the World's Largest Sitka Spruce, which is a short walk to a 191ft sitka spruce! There is also a beautiful roadside waterfall called Merriman Falls just north of here. There are many more trails and stops along this route. These were just a few that we stopped at. I enjoyed my time out here despite the drizzle. The amount of green is jaw dropping!