Sherwin Lakes - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Sherwin Lakes

Trail Distance: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: ~900'
Terrain Rating: Easy (Switchbacks)
Hike Time: ~3 hours
Dog Friendly: Yes

Sherwin Lakes is a peaceful lake hike near Sherwin Creek Campground. Less popular than some of the other lakes in the area, you will likely have parts of the lake to yourself. A lower starting elevation makes Sherwin Lakes a good hike for your adjustment days.

Sherwin Lakes

After parking for Sherwin Lakes, we meandered up through the trees. The switchbacks start pretty quickly and take you to some nice outlooks into the valley and town below. We started early around 7:30AM and had the entire trail to ourselves. 

In just 2 miles, we reached the lake and spent a while taking photos and swimming. The water was super clear and there was still some snow on the peaks above. We hung around for about 30 minutes and then turned around to go back. On the way down, we did run into a few more folks but it wasn't too crazy for a hot summer day!