Temescal Canyon - Malibu, CA

Trail Distance: ~4 miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Terrain Rating: Very Moderate
Hike In: 3:20PM
Hike Out: 5:29PM

Trailhead: Parking lot off the PCH. Google maps here. We called a Lyft and got dropped off.
Route: Temescal Ridge Trail to Skull Rock

Temescal Canyon is a short hike between Pacific Palisades and Malibu that gives you a nice view of the coast and Skull Rock. It was a nice hike at dusk, when it wasn't too hot. There isn't a lot of shade, so it is not recommended to bring dogs in the middle of the summer. When we went on a weekday, it wasn't too crowded. However I've heard that because of its ease of access, it can overflow on the weekends.

The trail begins at the parking lot, where you need to continue straight towards the bathrooms. Once you see a sign for Ridge Trail, take a left. You will start a steady ascent before you get a nice view of the ocean and coastline. Soon, you will reach the Temescal Junction, where you want to keep left on Temescal Ridge Trail for Skull Rock.

Skull Rock in Malibu

Once we got up to Skull Rock, we turned around and met back at the Temescal Junction. From there, instead of turning left like you did to Skull Rock, you want to make a right which will take you down the canyon and back to the parking lot.