Top 5 Hikes in New England

There are plenty of beautiful places in New England. From fall foliage hikes to breathtaking views, these top 5 places are unique and absolutely worth the drive from Boston.

What are your Top 5?

1. Tumbledown Mountain (Maine)


Out in Franklin County, Maine, Tumbledown Mountain is a great option for fall foliage hiking in New England. There is a fun chimney before the summit, which makes for an exciting climb. It is friendly for adventurous dogs who are ok with you dragging them up the chimney!

The drive from Boston is approximately 3.5 hours, so we recommend staying overnight in Maine. 

2. Mount Katahdin (Maine)


Perhaps the most famous hike in Maine. Katahdin weather is infamously unpredictable. The Cathedral Trail is adventurous, fun, and exciting in good weather, and a bit more dangerous in wet conditions. More adventurous folks can try out the Knife's Edge Trail. It is friendly for adventurous dogs.

The drive from Boston is approximately 5 hours from Boston. We recommend you hike Katahdin over a long weekend combined with a whitewater rafting adventure up in Millinocket with Three Rivers Whitewater.

3. The Bonds (New Hampshire)


One of the most famous photos in the White Mountains. "The Bonds" is long, grueling, and ridiculously fun. Although it is not a loop trail, this 19 mile hike is well worth the trip. You will be rewarded with spectacular views along the way.

The drive is about 2.5 hours from Boston. Ok for a day trip, but you will be very tired driving home!

4. Mount Adams (New Hampshire)


Mount Adams is a rugged, rocky adventure in the White Mountains nestled in the Presidential Range. We hiked Adams as part of the greater Presidential Traverse, and it was our favorite peak of the trip. Pro Tip: Mount Washington is overrated!. Hike Mount Adams instead. This hike is suitable for dogs with rugged paws.

The drive is a little more than 3 hours from Boston. We suggest you do Mount Adams as part of a longer Presidential weekend and stay overnight!

5. Mount Lincoln & Mount Lafayette Loop (New Hampshire)


We hesitated to add the famous Franconia Notch Loop to this list, because while it is one of the best hikes in New England, it can easily be ruined by crowds. The Lincoln - Lafayette Loop is also one of the most crowded hikes because of its proximity to Boston, waterfall features, and beautiful ridgeline. We recommend that you avoid popular weekends. If you go on a weekend, go early! 

The drive is only 2 hours from Boston - a perfect day trip!