World's End - Hingham, MA

Trail Distance: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Terrain Rating: Very Moderate
Hike In: 10:00AM
Hike Out: 12:21PM

Trailhead: Parking lot in Hingham, MA. Google maps here.
Route: There are many interweaving trails, but we took the loop on the outer most edge. Check out World End's easy to read trail map here.

On a cold -20 degree wind chill day, we opted out of Mt Moriah in the White Mountains and hiked the minimal elevation, nice coverage World's End instead. This was a last minute decision, even though we felt like we were prepared for the Whites. The wind chill at Mt Washington was -90, and I heard some unfortunate news about hikers in the Whites that weekend.

Beach at World's End in Hingham

Coming into the parking lot for World's End, you need to pay a $6 per person (not per vehicle) fee. From there, we took the trail counterclockwise on Weir River Road up and around Rocky Neck. There is some nice beach area around Rocky Neck that I imagine would be nice for pups to swim in in the summer. Our dog opted to stay on land.

Then, we hiked through the Bar along the coast of World's End. This section was the most windy, since it is exposed to the northern wind. There is also a nice view of the city of Boston here. After making the loop around back to the bar, we headed for Brewer's Road. There are some nice benches here where you can grab lunch. From there, it is only 1/4 of a mile until you reach the lot again.

All in all, World's End is a relaxing mid-morning or mid-afternoon winter hike. It's not too far from Boston, and it's dog friendly. They even provide Mutt Mitts.

Gear Specs: