Horseshoe Lake Trail - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is accessible by car (the lake is right next to a parking lot). The trail goes around the lake for around 2 miles. There are little spots for a picnic or afternoon along the lake, so hiking around is highly recommended!

Trail Distance: 1.7 miles
Elevation Gain: None
Terrain Rating: Very Easy
Hike Time: ~1 hour
Dog Friendly: Yes

Ty and I arrived to Horseshoe Lake late in the afternoon. When we parked, there were a few dogs at the lake already. We said hi for a little bit and then starting hiking counterclockwise around the lake. The trail is very well-marked and is mostly shaded with trees. The path is all dirt and very easy to walk on - I went in flip flops.

Horseshoe Lake

Overall we spent a little more than an hour here, laying around the 'beach' and throwing sticks into the lake for Ty to retrieve. Highly recommended afternoon activity with your dog! (also toilets were very clean).